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Good animation...

... bad story. You did a sweet animation but you used it in a crappy flash. I recomend you spend a little more time on it and your flash will be good.


This flash is the funniest Mario parody that Ive ever seen!

Graphics: Exelent animation and use of sprites!

Style: Great style!

Sound: No comment

Violence: Very violent

Interactivity: 5 because of the easter eggs (I found all 3 of them)

Humour: Nothing to say about it except that it was hillarious!

Overall: A great flash!! I'm awaiting a sequel of it! The animation was nice and clear ;). A bit long tho

Silveraxe responds:

I'm glad you liked it!
Also nice to hear that you enjoyed the easter eggs! So I know that it was worth it to make them and that it will be worth to put some in the next part too...


This was a great video! Keep up the good work ;)

thebluedragon responds:

thank you for the 9 buddy :D

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A pretty good tutorial!

Personally, I already know most of the stuff included in that tutorial but I think it will really help people who have absolutelly no idea of what action script is all about. You did some fine work man ;)

While I think about it, could you please send me the script for your custom cursor? If you don't want to, I don't care :)


Very good game for the begining of 2007! A bit simple and fun for a while but it doesn't have much replay value does-it? It something that is worth trying.

Good work ;)

few comments

I've seen a lot of reviews saying that this game is better than the galecube version but I think the opisite. It's still an ok game. I can tell that the scripts were hard to make but the fact is that it's glitchy and not worth spending hours and hours trying to unlock everything in the game.

Maybe you should make more original games. For example a SSBM with your own characters or anything else.

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This audio is just exelent! You have a mix of everything in one song! I also likefd the crowd in the background ;)

Good job but sounds empty at some moments

Your audio was great but sounded a bit empty. Some moments of this song needs a bit more instruments and it would of been perfect ;)

You get a 4/10 !

Nice diversity

Very cool audio you have there. The diversity of instruments are exelent!

Very nice audio man!

TommyVF responds:

Thank U! :D

enjoy !

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